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Super Bowl Package

The Kick Off

3ft. Hero 1/2 Italian 1/2 American

1/2 tray Buffalo Wings (Spicy or BBQ) served w/celery & Blue Cheese

40 Pigs in the Blanket

20 Potato Skins with cheddar, bacon, scallions and sour cream.

50 Chicken Tacos served w/salsa & sour cream.
$175 +tax

The Half-Time Show

Serves 15-20

2 dozen Tuscan Toasts - Garlic toasted Italian bread topped with fried chicken cutlet bruscette and balsamic drizzle.

Antipasto Platter -  Italian cold cut pinwheels, dried sopperasatta, and antipasto salad with provolone & prosciutto peppers.

1/2 tray baked ziti

1/2 tray sausage & peppers with a dozen mini Italian breads for sandwiches.

Tossed garden salad and dressing

$199 +tax

The Touch Down Celebration

Serves 20-25
3ft. Italian Hero

1/2 tray of Buffalo Wings (celey & blue cheese included)

1/2 tray of mel- in-your mouth BBQ pulled pork with 2 dozen slicer rolls

1/2 tray baked macaroni & cheese or cheese burger casserole (grilled sirloin burgers crumbled in our creamy mac & cheese)

1/2 tray Beef & Bean Chili

20 Potato Skins with cheddar, bacon & scallions served with sour cream

$245 +tax